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Trialling the ELK stack from Elastic

As part of my ongoing research into big-data visualisation and infrastructure and application management tools it came to give ELK a test run to check if it’s suited to my needs. I’ve already looked at a few others (which I will detail … Continue reading

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UK Archeaology Project 08/2015

I’ve always had a love of history and archaeology, but only ever dabbled, mostly during house renovations in the UK and Australia, but have always worried about not doing it properly.  While on a trip to the UK in August … Continue reading

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Dusted off – 4D games

Hopefully I’m not infringing any trademarks with the term 4D games, but many years ago I was fascinated with the idea of why the human brain (except Stephen Hawking’s) cannot think in more than three dimensions. I’d seen a number … Continue reading

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