Hello world!

Welcome to SciPilot.

I promised myself 2009 was going to be the year of finishing things, so this site is partly dedicated to that cause. I have so many half-finished projects lying around that they’re starting to clutter my brain. It’s about time to begin to start finishing and get something out there at last. You never know, I might also slowly do a retrospective of my abandoned projects and ideas and just give them to the world. Open source them. Let the interweb do it’s tube-magic on them. There was the installation-art piece ridiculing the art-world value system, a purely XML-driven CMS with no backend, a quantum device which can cause propulsion with no ejecta, a UI framework driven by emotions, some awful poetry, terrible music and lots of dad jokes. So I’m probably going to struggle with the blog categories, but I’d sloppy kiss whoever invented tags.

Incidentally the name is a partial hat-tip to NosePilot, an old favourite of mine, a thing, uncategorisable really, but it makes the world a better place. If I could be remembered for something half as good I’d die happy.

So without further a do, there will now follow a pregnant pause … while I finish off the first of, hopefully many, possibly beautiful, things.

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