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Local development certificates done properly

Yesterday I finally lost my patience with the developer’s eternal problem of having to skip the untrusted self-signed certificate interstitial warning screens, and so I decided to solve it properly. The problem has got worse recently due to a combination … Continue reading

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Dusted off – Troposphere word cloud renderer

Troposphere is a word-cloud rendering plugin built in Javascript on Canvas using Fabric. https://github.com/scipilot/troposphere It has a few artistic options such as the “jumbliness”, “tightness” and “cuddling” of the words, how they scale with word-rankings, colour and brightness. It also … Continue reading

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PHPUnit-Selenium2 Cheat Sheet

My PHPUnit-Selenium2 Cheat Sheet Here are a few snippets of how I’ve achieved various tasks, some tricks and patterns in phpunit/phpunit-selenium v2.0 – targeting Selenium2. I’ll try to keep this updated with more techniques over time. Screenshots I wrote this small … Continue reading

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MOTIf v2.0 – responsive redesign

After 8 years the MOTIf website was starting to show it’s age, visually at least. While I have performed regular technical updates to keep it browser compatible and futureproofed, we made a fixed-layout decision (rather than fluid) in 2007 and so has … Continue reading

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UK Archeaology Project 08/2015

I’ve always had a love of history and archaeology, but only ever dabbled, mostly during house renovations in the UK and Australia, but have always worried about not doing it properly.  While on a trip to the UK in August … Continue reading

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Cutlass – Cut Less!

While re-building my house I became obsessed with getting efficiency out of the timber 10materials I was using when planning cutting lists. Most people would want to achieve an efficient cutting plan because of cost-efficiency, effort-reduction or ecological conservation, and of course that … Continue reading

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Dusted off – A 90’s IDEa

Today I found this note on an old hard-drive in a file simply named “THOUGHTS”. In 1995 I was tired of the manual debug process in writing (Borland) C programs and imagined a graphical debugger which allowed you to visualise … Continue reading

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Flash Invaders – Dusted Off

As the first of a series of dusted off games and trinkets, here’s a game I wrote a few years ago, which never got the final graphical treatment but the gameplay works up to about level 50 something. I drew … Continue reading

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