A different kind of development

Has it really been a year since the last activity here?! Well there’s a good reason: another kind of development has been occupying my time – I bought an old house and have spent an intense year renovating it. What with my PC dying in the move leaving me with a box full of hard-drives to sort through, lack of a desk or a study and rubble everywhere it’s been a little hard to get coding.

However, here I am a year later, sitting at my lovely new desk (I made myself) with an old rescued laptop and a couple of drive docks trying to reorganise my jumble of repositories and projects, some literally stopped halfway through a line of code with uncommitted changes!

It’s not been all cold on the coding front – far from it. I’ve learned Objective C and am currently beginning my second co-incidentally primate-themed iPhone game. Last year I spent an intense three months learning the iPhone SDK and building Monkey Mayhem for Sydney’s Taronga Zoo. Now, with a group of friends at Nomad Agency, we’re planning a game to raise awareness of the risk to gorillas habitat the mining of coltan for mobile phone manufacture.

Recycle your phones people!!

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