Dusted Off

Family distractions. Hard drive crashes. Unexplained bouts of actually going outside. These things are all likely to cause “codus interruptus” – something both annoying and embarrassing that we developers tend not to discuss nor even admit to. However I hereby confess have a secret hoard of half-finished games, prototypes and next-big-things which were deprived of changing the world by my¬†proportional¬†fickleness which rises exponentially¬†with the completion of any project.

The Dusted Off remix series is a guilt-free confessional showcase of short-lived, half-baked bursts of enthusiasma.

Part 1 – taking it back to the old school with “Flash Invaders”!

Part 2 – pushing the boundaries of the mind with “4 Dimensional Games”!

Part 3 – an evil experiment in digital disection – “Evolute Laboratory”!

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